what is leed certification

What Is LEED Certification?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, is a certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED building certification demonstrates a project’s compliance with certain prerequisites that reflect a dedication to protecting and preserving the natural environment. Santa Rita Waste Systems is proud to offer LEED-compliant rolloff containers for your next project in Tucson. Areas Measured by LEED LEED certification awards points in any one of nine key areas related...

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tips for cleaning up your yard

Tips for Cleaning Up Your Yard

Keeping your Tucson yard clean will keep your property looking its best while discouraging pest activity. Just a few simple steps will ensure your yard remains clean and well-maintained all summer long. Renting a dumpster during your outdoor cleanup efforts will help to keep yard waste contained and make your job much easier. Clean Up Landscaping One of the simplest and most effective ways to clean up your yard is to address landscaping overgrowth. Prune trees, bushes, and other plants to keep...

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understanding the benefits of recycling

Understanding the Benefits of Recycling

When it comes to saving the planet, every person can make a difference. Recycling is a quick and easy way that you can reduce your impact on the environment. But what are the actual benefits of doing it? Keep reading to find out. It Reduces the Amount of Trash Every year, Americans alone send about 100 million tons of garbage to landfills around the country. There is only so much space in which to dump this trash, however. Recycling helps decrease the amount of garbage that gets sent to the dump. It...

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tips for clearing clutter out of your home

Tips for Clearing Clutter Out of Your Home

When it is left to roam free, clutter can eventually overtake your home. If you are starting to feel as if the clutter is the real resident in your house, it might be time to do some cleaning. Use the following tips to decrease the clutter in your home and open up your living space. Start a Donation Pile There are probably plenty of clothes and shoes in your closet that you never wear. Take some time to go through your entire wardrobe and separate the items that you never use. Make some piles...

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a look at how landfills work

A Look At How Landfills Work

Do you ever think about what happens to your trash after your dumpster is hauled away? If you’ve ever wondered what happens to the approximately 4.6 pounds of trash you generate each day, the answer is simple: while some may be reclaimed, recycled, or burned, most waste will go into a landfill. Landfills are one of the most efficient methods for disposing of waste, so keep reading to discover how these solutions work to safely contain your trash. How Is a Landfill Different? You might have heard...

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tips for recycling at home

Tips for Recycling At Home

Recycling allows used materials to be repurposed into creating new items, rather than disposing of them in dumps and landfills. Keeping recyclables out of your dumpster will reduce your impact on the environment and conserve valuable natural resources. Check out the information below to find out how you can invest in the future of the Earth with a few simple changes at home. Use a Second Wastebasket Although your city may provide a recycling bin for curbside pickup, most homeowners choose to keep...

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Five Great Uses for Roll-Off Dumpsters

The average person generates more than four pounds of waste each day, so managing your family’s or business’s trash and debris is important. When you’re doing things you don’t usually do, you may need equipment you don’t usually have. Roll-off dumpsters and containers are a viable option for all kinds of waste and debris removal, including these five areas. Yards If you’re doing some significant yard work, you will undoubtedly accumulate more debris than your regular trash container can hold....

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what not to recycle

What NOT to Recycle

Recycling is a continually growing movement. Because of that, the number and kinds of products which can now be recycled are growing, as well. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get confused about what can and can’t be recycled. The little green symbol is a good start, but there are a few more specific things to know about what NOT to recycle. Shredded Paper One of the first steps of any recycling process is sorting. Shredded paper is difficult to sort, and many paper recyclers will not accept it. Unless...

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