common household items that qualify as hazardous waste

Common Household Items That Qualify as Hazardous Waste

Your household generates significant amounts of waste every day. In order to keep your loved ones safe, you will need to determine whether you are disposing of hazardous waste in your regular garbage can. You may be surprised to find out that many of the items that you use every day actually qualify as hazardous waste. Read on for an overview of some common household items that qualify for the hazardous waste distinction.

Drain Cleaners

You may want to think twice before you pour commercial drain cleaning products into your plumbing system. These products are typically ineffective for clog removal, and they are also categorized as hazardous waste. Rather than dumping toxic chemicals down the drain, consider contacting a plumber to schedule safe, chemical-free drain clog removal. Using a drain snake, your plumber can eliminate your clog, without the use of chemicals.


Batteries are used to power some of the common household items that we use every day. From your car battery to the batteries in your small electronic devices, all types of batteries contain hazardous waste. To prevent battery acid from contaminating your household, you should always bring your used batteries to a designated disposal facility. Your waste management team will know how to safely handle batteries that have expired.

Paint Thinners

Paint and paint thinners may also be classified as hazardous waste items. If you are gearing up for a major painting project around your home, you will need to plan ahead to figure out how you will dispose of your excess paint thinners. Common paint thinning materials, such as turpentine, should never be poured down the drain.


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