how is plastic recycled

How Is Plastic Recycled?

Plastic bottles and containers tend to be among the most recycled materials, but how does the process actually work? It starts with the consumer making the plastic available to the recycling company in some fashion, and then the professionals can begin sorting the materials. Then they will be prepared to return to the market. Take a look ahead for more on how plastic is recycled.

Consumer Action

In order for recyclable materials to make their way back into the market rather than ending up in a landfill, it is up to the consumer to do the right thing. This means enforcing recycling rules when you’re at home with the family as well as using recycling bins rather than throwing out your plastic when you’re in public. Commercial businesses should also work with waste removal companies to ensure that their plastic is recycled properly.

Sorting and Separating

Once your plastic ends up in the hands of the recycling professionals, the next step is to sort it. Sometimes the recycling plant will receive plastics that have been mixed in with different materials; when this is the case, the team will start by sorting out the plastics. After the plastics have been removed from other materials, it’s time to further separate them into different groups of plastics.

Preparing for Remanufacturing

After being sorted by material and type, plastic can be ground up and washed in order to remove paints, labels, and other residues. Your recycling specialists will then dry and melt the plastic in order to form pellets, which can be sold to manufacturers so the material can be put back into circulation.

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