how to create a neighborhood recycling program

How to Create a Neighborhood Recycling Program

If your neighborhood does not already offer recycling services, now is the time to set up a recycling plan for your local residents. A company that offers roll off dumpster rental in your local area can provide you with recycling bins and other supplies that you will need to get started on your community recycling project. Here is a look at three steps that you can take when you are creating a neighborhood recycling program.

Gather Community Support

The first step of creating your neighborhood recycling program will be to gather the support of your community. In order to make sure that your recycling program is a success, you will need to get your neighbors on board with the project. To foster support for your project, consider holding a community meeting where you discuss the benefits of recycling, as well as the recycling processes that you are proposing for your area.

Create Your Recycling Plan

Once you have gotten enough support from the surrounding community, you will be ready to create your recycling plan. Depending on the recycling regulations in your area, you may be able to create a single-stream recycling program that allows residents to place all of their recyclables in a single container. You may also consider sorting your recycling into paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal components.

Set Up a Collection System

The final step of creating your neighborhood recycling plan will be to schedule collection times with a local waste management company. Your waste disposal technicians can arrive on a specified day in order to pick up your recyclables and haul them to the nearest recycling facility. After your collection system is in place, you and your neighbors will be ready to start recycling at home.

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