Learn the dos and donts of using rolloff dumpsters

Learn the Dos and Don’ts of Using Rolloff Dumpsters

During a big renovation or construction project, your municipal trash cans may not be large enough to accommodate all your waste and refuse. To boost your waste disposal capabilities significantly, plan ahead for a rolloff dumpster rental. If you are new to renting dumpsters, you will need to learn about how to use these units effectively. Some of the dos and don’ts of using rolloff dumpsters include:

Do: Estimate the Correct Size

Your waste disposal company will typically have several different sizes of rolloff dumpsters available for rental. Before you schedule your dumpster delivery, take the time to calculate which size of dumpster will be best for your site. Smaller projects are suited to 20 yard containers, whereas major construction sites typically need the added capacity of 40 yard dumpsters.

Do: Ask About Your Delivery Options

One of the terrific benefits of renting a rolloff dumpster is that your container can be dropped off and picked up, directly from your site. As you are setting up your rental, be sure to ask the company about your delivery options. Before your dumpster can be delivered, you may need to prepare your site so that it is prepared for the delivery truck to arrive.

Don’t: Forget About LEED Compliance

LEED compliance is a top priority for many renovation and new construction contractors. To ensure that your project is environmentally friendly, work with a waste disposal company that offers LEED compliant documentation for all of its dumpsters. With LEED compliant documentation, you can rest assured that your dumpster rental is not harming the environment.

If you have additional questions about renting rolloff dumpsters in Tucson, contact Santa Rita Waste by calling (520) 624-0550. Our waste management company is ready to provide you with convenient dumpster rentals for your next project. By working with us, you can rest assured that you will have no problem booking the waste disposal services that you need for your residential or commercial site.