repurposing items around your house

Repurposing Items Around Your House

Reduce, reuse, recycle is a term that we commonly hear about our waste management practices at home. If you are looking for effective methods that will help you cut down on your household waste, consider finding items that can be reused, before they are recycled or tossed into your rolloff dumpster rental. To help you get started on a sustainable waste management plan, here is a look at some tips for repurposing items that are commonly found around your house.

Glass Containers

Many of the items that you purchase from the grocery store come in durable glass containers. Before you toss your glass jars or canisters into the recycling bin, consider reusing them in your home. Your old glass containers can be washed out and used to store bulk items, such as rice, pasta, or flour. If you love to preserve foods, consider reusing your glass containers during your next canning session.

Plastic Jugs

When you buy water from the store, you may start to collect a large number of plastic jugs that seem to clutter up your home. While plastic jugs can eventually be recycled, they may also serve other purposes throughout your property. Your plastic jugs can be cut open and used as bird feeders, pet food scoops, or watering cans for your garden.

Old Clothing

As your family members get older, they will eventually start to grow out of their old clothes. Before you donate or toss your older clothes, consider reusing them around the house. Old t shirts, for example, can be cut up and used as rags around your garage or workshop.

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