use these green building materials and tactics for an environmentally-friendly worksite

Use These Green Building Materials and Tactics for an Environmentally-Friendly Worksite

If you are a construction contractor, chances are that your clients may have asked you about your environmentally-friendly work practices. To go green during your next job, consider using eco smart materials and recycling methods. By recycling your construction materials in a dumpster rental, you can reduce the waste that is created by your project. Let’s review some green building materials and tactics that can help you to create an environmentally-friendly work site.

Build Using Grasscrete

Grasscrete is one of the latest building materials that offers a green alternative to traditional concrete. Whereas traditional concrete creates a solid, non-porous surface that can be harmful to the surrounding environment, grasscrete incorporates both concrete and grass to create a natural hybrid. Using grasscrete, you will be able to create a strong and durable building that contains both natural and man made materials.

Consider Investing in Ferrock

The recycling process has allowed manufacturers to create new and innovative building materials. Ferrock is a brand new product that is created out of recycled steel. Steel shavings are ground up and combined into a material that mimics the appearance and durability of cement. Using ferrock, contractors are able to create environmentally sustainable buildings.

Rent Recycling Dumpsters

Recycling is an important tactic for any jobsite. Rather than sending your excess building materials to the landfill, always consider recycling when possible. A recycling dumpster will provide you with a large capacity to house large building materials, such as wooden beams or chunks of concrete. Your waste disposal company can also provide you with hauling services for your recyclables.


For more information about how recycling can help you to create an eco friendly work site, contact the team at Santa Rita Waste. Our company specializes in rolloff dumpster rentals in Tucson, and we can provide you with all the waste disposal services that you will need for your upcoming construction project. Give us a call at (520) 624-0550 to receive a quote for your recycling services.