what should you never throw in the trash

What Should You Never Throw in the Trash?

When you embark on a major clutter clearing project for your home, you may find yourself sorting through items and objects that you have collected over the course of years. With a rolloff dumpster rental, you will be able to easily dispose of any junk and trash that may be taking up space in your home. However, not all of your unwanted items should be thrown away. Let’s take a quick look at some items that should never be thrown in the trash.


Old batteries are composed of harsh chemical substances that are very harmful to the environment. When you toss your batteries in the trash, you may be sending these nasty chemicals to the nearest landfills. Rather than placing your old batteries in the trash can, you should always bring them to a facility that can process hazardous waste.

Expired Medications

As you are clearing out your medicine cabinet, you may find bottles that are filled with old and expired prescription medications. Unused medicine should never be placed directly in the trashcan. When medicine is thrown away, it can seep into the water supply and soil. Instead, you can bring your medications to a drug take-back center.


From cellphones to computers and more, we go through many different types of electronics over the years. Old and outdated electronics may have e-waste components that will be harmful when they are placed in the landfill. Your local recycling center will typically offer e-waste recycling services that are designed to help you properly dispose of your old electronic devices.    

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