what to do when your home is damaged during a monsoon

What to Do When Your Home Is Damaged During a Monsoon

If you live in the Tucson area, chances are that you are familiar with the threat of monsoons during the rainy seasons of the year. When heavy rainfall hits your neighborhood, you will need to do everything that you can to keep your family safe. A rolloff dumpster rental can provide you with the disposal space that you need to clean up the aftermath of monsoon damage. Let’s take a look at what to do when your home is damaged by a monsoon.

Inspect for Structural Damage

During a monsoon, your home will be at risk of experiencing significant structural damage. If your foundation is not completely water-tight, it could crack or leak when it is hit by heavy rainfall. After your home experiences monsoon damage, it is a good idea to consult with a team of foundation repair professionals to determine whether your foundation has been compromised.

Dry Out Excess Moisture

In the event that your home’s interior gets flooded during a monsoon, it is important to eliminate the excess moisture as quickly as possible. When you let water damage and humidity linger in your home, you could increase your risk of black mold and other issues. Severe flooding should be treated by a team of remediation contractors.

Rent a Rolloff Dumpster

Waste and debris can float into your yard during a major flooding event. Rather than trying to toss items and debris into your residential trash can, you can achieve more efficiency with your waste cleanup by renting a rolloff dumpster. A spacious rolloff dumpster will allow you to easily toss out any debris that is cluttering up your yard.

For more information about rolloff dumpsters in Tucson, contact Santa Rita Waste by calling (520) 624-0550. With our emergency waste collection services, you will be able to act fast to clear away monsoon damage around your yard. Our team is looking forward to helping you recover your home and property after the next big monsoon.