Concrete Washout Bins Rental

Method to clean out concrete pump or mixer trucks.

Concrete Washout Bins Rental in Tucson AZ

One of our washout containers provides an environmentally friendly and convenient method to clean out concrete pump or mixer trucks and other concrete equipment that have delivered up to 350 poured yards. Concrete washout bins are portable, allowing them to be relocated as needed, and they come with extendable ramps for easy truck access.

Washout bins prevent harmful chemicals from leaching into the soil and concrete pools from forming on the ground. They are required by code for certain projects in Southern Arizona. Our concrete washout containers meet all EPA requirements and provide containment and easy transport of toxic materials. Santa Rita Waste Systems can remove washout bins from project sites for proper elimination of waste products.


Extendable ramps

Up to 350 poured yards

Meet all EPA requirements

Containment and easy transport of toxic materials

Concrete Washout Bin Rentals in Southern Arizona
Santa Rita Waste Systems proudly rents Concrete Washout Bins throughout Southern Arizona

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