getting the most from your recycling

Getting the Most from Your Recycling

Recycling is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. Use the following tips to make the most out of your recycling efforts so you can do your part to maintain the natural beauty of the earth:

Separate Your Newspapers

Newspapers can be recycled, but they should go into their own pile. Start saving all of your newspapers in one pile and all of your magazines, flyers, inserts, phone books, envelopes, computer paper, letters, and paper packaging into a separate pile. You should get rid of any rubber bands or plastic wrap before sending these items to the recycling center. Do not put carbon paper, stickers, cardboard, laminated paper, or laminated cardboard into the recycling pile.

Pay Attention to Your Plastic

Each recycling center accepts different kinds of plastic. You should check with your local center to figure out which kinds of plastic they take. Most grocery stores have bins where you can recycle plastic bags, but most recycling centers do not take these bags.  You might want to print out a list of acceptable items to recycle and hang it on your refrigerator to simplify the process of separating your plastic items.

Separate Glass by Color

Recycling centers have different processes for clear, brown, and green glass. If you take the time to separate your glass products by color, it will be much easier for them to recycle the glass when they get it.

Clean Out Your Items

Before you put anything into the recycling pile, you should take some time to rinse it out. Recycling centers cannot always use bottles and containers that are dirty, which negates the point of taking the time to recycle.

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