a look at leed compliant concrete washout containers

A Look at LEED Compliant Concrete Washout Containers

Caring for the environment is crucial, and our actions can impact the lives of future generations. LEED compliant systems help promote this environmental friendliness, and concrete washout containers have embraced the same principles. Consider working with Santa Rita Waste Systems and read on for a look at LEED compliant concrete washout containers.

What It Means to Be LEED Compliant

LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, promotes the use of green technology in all industries. If a company or practice is considered LEED compliant, you can rest assured that it acknowledges the benefits of energy efficiency and environmentally friendly practices. Even entire buildings can be LEED certified, and they tend to enjoy greater occupancy than other buildings.

How Concrete Washout Containers Work

After completing your concrete project, you will typically have a significant amount of concrete material built up on any equipment that you used throughout your task. This may include concrete pump and mixer trucks, but it is only applicable for equipment that has poured up to 350 yards of concrete. This method of cleaning concrete keeps nearby soil protected from contamination, and it ensures that you don’t find pools of concrete on the ground.

Working with Santa Rita Waste Systems

The professionals at Santa Rita Waste Systems are happy to help you employ environmentally friendly yet effective practices with our concrete washout containers. All of our containers are up to code, and we can even take them from the site of your project. If you want to clean your concrete equipment safely and efficiently, we can help.

Would you like a closer look at LEED compliant concrete washout containers? Contact Santa Rita Waste Systems or visit our website. We specialize in rolloff dumpster rental in Tucson and would be happy to help you in any way we can. Feel free to stop by and see us or call us at (520) 624-0550 for more information.