preventing neighbors from using your rental dumpster

Preventing Neighbors from Using Your Rental Dumpster

When you get a rental dumpster, you have a specific need for this kind of trash receptacle that does not include trash from your neighbor’s property. If you do not want your neighbors to throw their trash into your dumpster, use the following tips to keep it safe on your property.

Scout Out the Right Location

Instead of placing the dumpster right on your front lawn, try to find a less conspicuous location where it is not as easily accessible for your neighbors. If you can, place it in your backyard. If that is not possible, try to put it as close to your house as possible. Ask the waste company to place the dumpster rental in this less noticeable location to reduce your risk for getting stuck with your neighbor’s trash.

Wait to Order It Until You Need It

If you order your rental dumpster before you actually need to use it, it will just sit on your property and give your neighbors the perfect opportunity to use it for their trash. Instead, organize with the waste company so you can get the dumpster when you actually need to use it. This way, you will have plenty of room for your own trash without inviting your neighbors to use it for theirs.

Order the Size That You Need

Sometimes people rent an overly big dumpster just in case they have more trash than they think they will. Instead, you should order a smaller dumpster that does not have as much room for your neighbor’s trash. Even if you have to empty the smaller dumpster a few more times, you will only be emptying your trash and not your neighbor’s.

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