protecting your landscaping from your dumpster rental

Protecting Your Landscaping From Your Dumpster Rental

When you are planning a home remodel or major renovation project, a rolloff dumpster rental can help you safely and effectively remove construction waste from your property. While rolloff dumpsters are incredibly convenient, it is important to make sure that your rental is placed so that it does not impact your garden or landscaping. A company specializing in rolloff dumpster rentals will take the time to make sure that your dumpster does not damage your lawn or yard. Here is a closer look at the steps of protecting your landscaping from your dumpster rental.

Consider Placement

In order to protect your landscaping from your dumpster rental, it is essential to consider the placement of your dumpster. For example, you may want to speak with your rental company about the possibility of placing your dumpster on a non-vegetated surface, such as a driveway. With careful placement, you can ensure that your garden is not affected by your dumpster.

Use Plywood

Along with placing your dumpster rental carefully, you may want to also use plywood as an extra layer of protection for the surface underneath your dumpster. Before your dumpster rental arrives, you can place sheets of plywood over the area that has been set aside for your dumpster. The plywood will support the weight of the dumpster, preventing any damage.

Fill Carefully

A final way to protect your landscaping from your dumpster rental is to use extra caution when you are placing materials in the bin. For example, by filling your dumpster no more than 75 percent of the way to the top, you can ensure that extra weight is not being placed on your landscaping or driveway.

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