tips for recycling at home

Tips for Recycling At Home

Recycling allows used materials to be repurposed into creating new items, rather than disposing of them in dumps and landfills. Keeping recyclables out of your dumpster will reduce your impact on the environment and conserve valuable natural resources. Check out the information below to find out how you can invest in the future of the Earth with a few simple changes at home.

Use a Second Wastebasket

Although your city may provide a recycling bin for curbside pickup, most homeowners choose to keep these bins in their garage. Unfortunately, when these bins are out of sight, they are often out of mind as well. Additionally, making a separate trip out to the garage to dispose of recyclables in the bin may seem like too much trouble, prompting you to throw away recyclables instead for convenience purposes. Keeping a second wastebasket in your home makes sorting recyclables much easier; when your second wastebasket is full of recyclable items, simply empty it into your outdoor recycling bin in one trip.

Know Which Plastics Are Recyclable

Not all plastics are made from the same types of materials, and some plastics are more easily recycled than others. Before tossing a plastic item into your recycling bin, check its number, which can be found inside the “chasing arrows” recycling logo. Talk to your waste disposal company or check online to find out which types of plastic are accepted by your recycling facility. Including plastics that cannot be recycled with your other recyclables creates more work for waste disposal workers. Once you know which types of plastics can be recycled in your area, you can also try to purchase as many of these recyclable plastic options as possible.

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