understanding the benefits of recycling

Understanding the Benefits of Recycling

When it comes to saving the planet, every person can make a difference. Recycling is a quick and easy way that you can reduce your impact on the environment. But what are the actual benefits of doing it? Keep reading to find out.

It Reduces the Amount of Trash

Every year, Americans alone send about 100 million tons of garbage to landfills around the country. There is only so much space in which to dump this trash, however. Recycling helps decrease the amount of garbage that gets sent to the dump.

It Can Decrease Pollution

Landfills are full of chemicals. When all of these different kinds of chemicals mix together, they create a toxic liquid called leachate, which increases local pollution levels. Although many landfills reinforce their dump areas with clay caps and plastic sheeting to prevent so much runoff, these landfills still contribute to the city’s pollution levels. Since recycling keeps materials out of landfills, it helps decrease the amount of leachate that is created.

It Reduces the Need to Use Resources

Recycled materials can be changed into other items, which means they do not require as many natural resources as a product that is made from scratch. This allows manufacturers to use less wood, plastic, and fossil fuels to create products for their customers.

It Helps Generate Money

Recycling is actually very beneficial to the economy. From recycling companies that specialize in reusing these products to cities that can save money on landfill costs, the monetary benefits of recycling are significant. Recycling plants create new jobs and a lot of states even offer a financial incentive for people who recycle.

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