benefits of rental concrete washout bins

Benefits of Rental Concrete Washout Bins

If you’re in charge of a fleet of concrete pump or concrete mixer trucks, proper housekeeping is probably one of your primary concerns. Washing out concrete chutes and hoppers may seem safe and easy, but the resulting wash water can be very dangerous. That’s why specialty concrete washout bins are required by the EPA for certain projects and certain types of concrete equipment. To help you understand the importance of concrete washout bin rentals in Tucson, here’s a look at some of the benefits of using washout bins for concrete clean out.  

Prevent Contamination and Flooding

Concrete washout fluid is alkaline and contains high levels of chromium, which can leach into the ground and contaminate the soil along with nearby ground water sources. Concrete solids that are improperly disposed of down storm drains can clog the pipes and cause flooding, which can lead to equipment damage after a heavy storm.  

Keep Jobsite Clean

Rental concrete washout bins also prevent concrete pools and debris from forming on the ground around the jobsite or wherever you store and maintain your concrete pump and mixer trucks. If you are working on a commercial or industrial project, this can help keep your customers happy by keeping their property clean during the job.

Avoid EPA Fines

Because concrete washout bins are required by code for certain concrete projects and equipment, renting concrete washout bins is an easy and affordable way to maintain compliance with EPA requirements. This can help you avoid fines and other penalties resulting from non-compliance.

Santa Rita Waste Systems is happy to provide concrete washout bin rentals in Tucson and around Southern Arizona. We also provide rolloff dumpsters and portable facility rentals in addition to concrete washout bins. Call us at (520) 624-0550 for a free quote on washout bin or rolloff dumpster rentals.