calculating your portable toilet needs for an outdoor event

Calculating Your Portable Toilet Needs for an Outdoor Event

As the host or organizer of an outdoor event, it is your responsibility to make sure that you provide the proper amenities for all of your attendees. Providing your guests with bathrooms will ensure their safety and comfort throughout the duration of the event. A company that offers rolloff dumpster rental can help you rent portable toilets for your big day. Here are some tips for calculating your portable toilet needs for an outdoor event.

Determine the Duration of the Event

An important factor to consider when you are calculating your portable toilet requirements is how long your event will last. On average, a person will use the toilet about once every four hours. If you will be hosting an all day event, you will need more facilities than if your event will only last for a couple of hours.

Think About Food and Drink Consumption

When you serve food, drinks, and alcoholic beverages at your event, you will increase your guests’ needs for bathroom use. Typically, having food or drink on site will boost your portable bathroom requirements by as much as forty percent or more. Having additional portable restrooms will allow your attendees to enjoy your refreshments in comfort.

Plan Ahead for Your Crowd Size

One of the most essential factors that will determine how many portable toilets are required for your event is the size of your crowd. If you are planning on having a large crowd of 500 people or more, you may need up to a dozen portable toilets. Your rental company can work with you to help you calculate the ideal size of your rental.

At Santa Rita Waste, we offer more than just rolloff dumpster rental in Tucson. Our company can also provide you with sanitary outdoor toilets for your next big event. To set up a portable toilet rental for your outdoor event, give us a call at (520) 624-0550.