everything you need to know about concrete washout

Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Washout

Construction sites have certain equipment designed to make the job as easy as possible. Concrete washouts are placed on construction sites as a place to put concrete and liquids when other equipment is being cleaned. If you are planning a construction project, keep reading to learn more about these washouts and what they do.

They Protect the Groundwater

The water used to wash the chutes of concrete mixers and the hoppers from concrete pumps is full of chromium. If people at construction sites disposed of this water like other materials, it could seep into the ground water and contaminate it. This contamination causes higher pH and might even be dangerous for aquatic life. Without the proper disposal, solids might cause clogs in storm drains and pipes, which could lead to flooding. By adding concrete washouts to construction sites, workers have a safe place to put these dangerous materials so they do not cause as much harm.

They Come in Different Styles

You can get a prefabricated concrete washout container delivered to your worksite. These washouts are built tough so they can hold these hazardous materials without spilling or leaking. Construction teams also have the option of self-installing a washout, but these are not usually as reliable as the self-installed versions.

They Make It Easy to Recycle the Concrete Water

Once you put the concrete water into the washout, it is easy to dispose of it properly. The company that rents you the concrete washout often picks it up and takes care of it for you. If they do not, you can call your local recycling company to find out what to do with the rest of it.

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