hoarding cleanup tips

Hoarding Cleanup Tips

Whether you or someone you know has trouble getting rid of things, clutter can build up quickly and create a huge problem in a space. Use the following tips to clean up after a hoarder to get rid of this clutter and open up a home.

Purge, Purge, and Purge Some More

The first step to cleaning up any level of hoarding is to go through all of the belongings and decide what you really need. Pick up every single object and decide whether you can use it and if you will use it. If you answered yes to the former but no to the latter, it might be time to get rid of it. Be a little stricter every time you go through your belongings so you can make some headway with getting rid of the items that you do not really need.

Do Not Keep Multiples

You might have found a great sale on a pair of shoes and bought four of the same pair, but do you really need them all? A quick and easy way to downsize your belongings is to get rid of multiples. Instead of keeping three bicycles in your garage, choose your favorite and donate the other two to someone who might actually use them on a regular basis.

Make Quick Decisions

Create a pile for the items you want to keep, the items you want to donate, and the items about which you are unsure. As soon as you pick something up, put it directly into one of the three piles without thinking too much about it. Take the donate pile directly to a donation center so you do not have time to reconsider your decision. When you return, go through the unsure pile again and try to make some more fast decisions.

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