recognizing the limits of brush and bulky pickups

Recognizing the Limits of Brush and Bulky Pickups

It can be hard to throw away debris from your yard and other large, bulky items in your regular dumpster rental. Keep reading to find out why you should pay special attention to these items to ensure that they make it to the proper waste facility.

Height Restrictions

Although the brush and bulky pickups offer extended services for your typical waste removal, they do still have certain restrictions. They will not accept brushes, tree trunks, branches, or other landscaping debris that is longer than 5 feet and 24 inches in diameter. You cannot throw away lumber, PVC, or metal pipes that are longer than 5 feet. Scrap metal must also be 5 feet long or less.

Weight Restrictions

Be careful not to throw out more than 25 pounds of cacti, or the brush and bulky pickups might not accept it. If you are throwing away appliances, you must remove freezer and refrigerator doors so the waste removal team can see inside and the appliance is easier to move.

Product Restrictions

There are certain items that the brush and bulky pickups simply will not accept. Do not try to throw away stones, bricks, concrete, or aggregates. You cannot place construction debris or hazardous materials like paint and oil into these dumpsters. Refrain from throwing out glass, mirrors, televisions, and computer monitors. You should also not throw away vehicle parts or commercially generated material. Talk to your local waste removal services about the best way to discard these items.

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