how does recycling work

How Does Recycling Work?

Whether you are creating a waste management strategy for your business, or are looking to go green at home, it is important to incorporate recycling into your disposal routine. Recycling is a key part of sustainable waste management efforts that are practiced around the world. A company offering waste disposal in Tucson can help you ensure that you are recycling properly and effectively. Read on for a closer look at how recycling works.


The first step of the recycling process begins with the consumer. At homes and business around the world, recyclable materials are collected in special containers. In certain areas, recyclables need to be sorted by type, including cardboard, glass, and plastic. Pre-sorting recyclables helps to speed up the collection process. By putting an item into the recycling container, rather than the trash, you will be doing your part to support sustainable waste management.


Once the recyclables are collected and brought to the recycling facility, they will then be sorted into different categories. The technicians at a recycling center will be able to evaluate the difference between types of glass, categories of cardboard, and more. The sorting process helps being the steps of transforming recyclable waste into reusable materials.


The final step of recycling is the processing of all materials. Each material is processed in a manner that is specific to its type. For example, glass or metal recyclables may be melted down and combined to form new products. Softer materials, such as cardboards or plastics, may be shredded.

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