what are the items you should never throw in the trash

What Are the Items You Should Never Throw in the Trash?

It is easy to throw away practically anything without thinking about it, but there are certain items that you should not throw in the trash. Before you spend money on a dumpster rental, use this guide to learn about the items that you should never throw in the trash:


Batteries are full of chemicals that could leak if you throw them into a dumpster. This might cause dangerous materials to find their way into the water supply and could cause a lot of damage to the environment. Instead of throwing them away, you should take them to a recycling center.

Prescription Drugs

After cleaning out your medicine cabinet, you might find some prescription drugs that you have never used or have already expired. Just like batteries, though, prescription drugs could make their way into the water supply or the soil, which could be dangerous for certain people if they come into contact with them. Ask your doctor about the best way to recycle the medicine so you can avoid throwing them in the trash.


From your old cell phone to your broken laptop, you might be tempted to toss old electronics right into the dumpster. These products have a lot of chemicals that could be harmful for the environment, though. Do some research to see if the manufacturer offers any buy-back programs or if they can suggest another way to get rid of your old electronics.


Most kinds of paint are flammable and are poisonous if ingested. You should never throw away extra paint. Instead, bring it to a hazardous waste collection center so they can properly dispose of it.

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