knowing what you may be able to recycle during home deconstruction

Knowing What You May Be Able to Recycle During Home Deconstruction

Demolishing a house is a big job that creates a lot of waste. Instead of completely destroying the structure, though, you should try to salvage what you can so you can use it in a different project. Before you throw all of the materials away, use this guide to determine which ones you might be able to recycle:


If appliances are in good condition, they can be moved to a new house with no problem. Take some time to check out the appliances in a house before you start to tear it down so you might be able to save some costs when you build a new home. Their vintage appeal could make a really interesting visual effect in a new space.


When cabinetry is built well, it lasts for a long time. Check out the cabinets in a space to see if they are salvageable. If they are, it will save a lot of money when you start work on a new building, and it significantly reduces the amount of waste from the deconstruction project.

Wood Flooring

Beautiful wood floors are built to last. Go from room to room to see which floors are still in good condition and whether or not they would work in the new home. If only parts of the floor are in good condition, you might be able to use the wood for something else like a dining room table.

Pieces of Lumber

You can always find a new purpose for quality lumber. If there are any pieces of wood that you can save in a home, you should remove them so you can find a new use for them.

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