little known items you can recycle

Little-Known Items You Can Recycle

For many households, recycling bottles, cans, and paper goods is part of your weekly routine. While you may be accustomed to recycling these materials, there may be some items around your house that you may be surprised to learn are recyclable. By taking the time to educate yourself about what can and cannot be recycled, you will be able to make your home even greener. Read on to learn about some little-known items that you can recycle.

Running Shoes

If you are an avid runner, you may go through a few pairs of running shoes throughout the course of a single year. Rather than tossing your running shoes in the trash after they have worn out, you may want to consider sending them to a recycling facility. Many top running shoe brands are able to repurpose old running shoe rubber to make training surfaces and other materials.


When your batteries run out of juice, you should think twice before you send them to the landfill. Many of the different kinds of batteries that you use everyday can be easily recycled at a dedicated facility. Rather than placing your old batteries in a regular recycling bin, you can bring them to a recycling center for correct processing.

Old Electronic Equipment

As technology advances at a rapid rate, many of our electronic items become old, outdated, or simply unusable. Instead of throwing your old computer in the dumpster, however, it is a better idea to look into E-recycling services. With E-recycling, your old electronics will be taken apart, processed, and used to make new items.

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