proper disposal of hazardous household waste

Proper Disposal of Hazardous Household Waste

While most household waste in Tucson can be easily sorted for delivery to recycling centers and landfills, some waste products are considered hazardous and require special care. Such hazardous waste products include products or chemicals that could be corrosive, toxic, or reactive if not handled properly. Rather than tossing these into your regular trash, it’s important to dispose of hazardous items properly to protect both the local and global environment.


Donating and selling older electronics gives them new life, extending their usability and reducing the financial and environmental costs of manufacturing. You can search for an organization to which you’d prefer to donate older electronics, hold a garage sale or list items online, or inquire as to whether your community will manage donations. If you simply wish to get rid of your electronics, talk to your waste management service or check out local stores to find out where to take your electronics for recycling and disposal.


Elemental mercury, such as the mercury found in thermostats and thermometers, can be toxic when disposed of improperly. You should never throw these items away with your regular trash—instead, contact your waste management service or your community to find out where and how these products should be dropped off or labeled prior to disposal to ensure they are handled safely.


Chemicals such as cleaners, paints, solvents, and other liquids should never be disposed of down your sink drains, sewers, or storm drains. Many paints and chemicals can be recycled for reuse; alternatively, they must be specially processed to prevent contamination of the local environment, including water sources. Check with your community to find out about your chemical disposal options, such as collection days, collection locations, and hazardous waste pickup services.

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