what it means to be leed compliant

What it Means to Be LEED Compliant

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a certification program for green building projects and practices. This program awards points based on credits earned by utilizing certain materials, building strategies, and systems management during and after construction. Santa Rita Waste Systems, LLC is pleased to offer Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design documentation and services to help you earn LEED credits in Tucson.

LEED Certification Levels

The LEED program offers four levels of certification. Each level requires a certain number of points to attain: basic certification requires a total of 40-49 points, silver certification requires 50-59 points, gold certification requires 60-79 points, and platinum certification is awarded to buildings with 80 or more points. Furthermore, separate LEED certification categories exist for new construction, existing buildings, and commercial interiors. The various LEED certification levels reflect a building’s “eco-friendliness” in terms of sustainability, green design, energy-efficiency, and building operations, which all work together to lower the building’s impact on its surrounding environment.

LEED Points

During LEED certification, points are awarded to a building in various recognized areas, which include location and transportation, materials and resources, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, indoor environmental quality, innovation, and green infrastructure and buildings. In order to attain LEED compliance, a building must meet basic LEED certifications in addition to earning at least the 40 points required for basic certification. Points are tallied during a voluntary building review and the LEED certification level is determined based on the total number of points you have earned.

Green building practices benefit everyone in terms of greater energy efficiency, lower operational costs, and a healthier environment. You can find out more about LEED certification and waste disposal in Tucson by calling Santa Rita Waste Systems, LLC today at (520) 624-0550 to discuss LEED documentation, rolloff dumpster dropoff and pickup, and more. We also invite you to check out our website for more details about our products and services, as well as tips on managing residential and commercial waste.