the health and safety dangers of cleaning up a hoarder situation

The Health and Safety Dangers of Cleaning Up a Hoarder Situation

Hoarding is a compulsive disorder that causes individuals to collect and keep items that have little or no value, from extra home supplies to items that should be thrown in the trash. This disorder can cause serious harm not only to the hoarder, but also to surrounding homes and even police or fire rescue teams who might respond to an emergency on a hoarder’s property. Addressing a hoarding situation requires both the treatment of the hoarder’s condition, as well as the removal of waste from the home. In many cases, hoarding situations require one or several rolloff dumpsters to handle the large volume of waste that must be removed.

Occupant Health and Safety

When a home becomes filled with belongings, it quickly becomes unsafe for the occupant living inside. As possessions pile up, they become tripping hazards while walking, as well as falling hazards because individuals may need to climb on stools, ladders, counters, or furnishings to reach areas that are otherwise blocked. The buildup of papers and other flammable items can pose a serious fire hazard, particularly when they are stored near electrical equipment or cooking appliances. Pest infestations and mold growth that often occur in the homes of hoarders also pose a serious threat to occupant health and safety.

Environmental Health and Safety

The area and people around a hoarder’s home are also at risk. If a hoarder’s home catches fire, responding emergency workers may become endangered trying to reach the occupants or put out the blaze, while neighboring homes are at risk for catching fire as well. Pest infestations can also spread to surrounding homes, posing further health and sanitary concerns in the area around a hoarder’s home.

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