what are the different types of dumpsters

What Are the Different Types of Dumpsters?

People typically use “trash” as a catchall term to refer to all kinds of garbage disposal bins, but there are actually a few different types of dumpsters. If you ever need a roll off dumpster rental in Tucson, this distinction is important to understand. Here is a quick overview of the different types of dumpsters.

Roll Off Dumpsters

If you are undergoing a renovation, installing a home addition, or working on another project that produces a substantial amount of waste, you might need a roll off dumpster rental. This type of dumpster should be able to handle anything you throw at it; roll off dumpsters are the largest bins around, so no project is too big for them to handle. These massive dumpsters might make use of winches and metal sleds or robotic arms.

Front and Rear Loaders

Certain dumpsters, like front and back loaders, are named for the way a dump truck can load them. While they might both range from two to eight cubic yards in size, front loaders have openings that receive the dump truck’s spikes. The dump slides its spikes into these slots and then dumps the bin into its rear garbage container. A dump truck will use a winch and hinge to load a rear loader dumpster onto the back.

Side Loaders

Your neighborhood garbage truck might not be a front loader or a rear loader; many garbage trucks are loaded from the side. These garbage trucks are often limited to lifting single garbage cans, or they might rely entirely on human operation.

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